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JAN, 2021
Valaris plc
Petroleum industry
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Industry: Petroleum
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Technical Report
The technical reports and their associated addendum in the section explain in details the CRI’s working models for credit ratings and the implementation requirements in its operations. By design, a technical report published later includes all charges made to the earlier versions and the associate addendum. Please refer to the user guide for the chronicle of the document releasing.
User Guide for Technical Documents and Addenda
- Version 2020 Update 2 Addendum 1: Replacement of Switzerland’s 1-year and 3-month interest rates.
- Version 2020 Update 2
- Version 2020 Update 1 Addendum 1: Increasing the updating frequency for one DTD parameter from monthly to daily
- Version 2020 Update 1
- Version 2020 Update 1 Addendum 15: Replacement of stock index in Egypt
- Version 2017 Update 1 Addendum 14: Replacement of stock index in Italy and Ghana’s 1-year interest rate
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